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Our official website address is: www.silkroadpharma.cy
Mirror URL is: www.silkroad-pharmacy.to

The original Silkroad Pharmacy was founded back in 2014 with domain name “silkroad-pharmacy.com”. After few years of success, domain was suspended by authorities but we were able to put our website back online on another domain “silkroad-pharmacy.to”. But .to domain didn’t perform well, so now we are operating under our official domain “www.silkroadpharma.cy”.
When our original website was suspended, scammers took advantage of it at cloned our website with similar domain names and started ripping off people with their money. There are dozens of fake websites using our name, logo and website looks to scam our old clients. We are aware of dozens of fake websites pretending to be silkroad pharmacy and there are coming more and more.
We receive emails from frustrated people asking about their order which they placed on a fake website. We have nothing to do with those clones. So please always pay attention to the domain name (URL) before placing your order.


Still question arises, how do i know if this is original silkroad online pharmacy website?

We consider this question valid as this domain is purchased recently. But below are few points to consider when identifying real vs fake silkroad.

  • Website | first thing those fake websites lack of is their website looks and structure. There will be a lot of bugs and website will look broken if you pay some attention to it. We have original backup of website and most of the content is unchanged. Our old clients can easily identify it.
  • Product Pictures | Usually product pictures on clone sites are miss-aligned, broken, wrongly cropped / sized, or weird dimensioned. We at silkroadpharma.cy haven’t changed product pictures. They still have original watermarks with .com domain written on them. Although we are planning to change the watermark of the product pictures with www.silkroadpharma.cy in future but fitting of the pictures in website will remain same.
  • Gmail |  An email address is essential for a website. Usually webmail (ending with @domain) is used for all communications on website like sending order confirmation email, answering customer support questions etc but google mail or gmail is first thing every website owner registers with same name of their website. So we did the same. We registered [email protected] email when Silkroad Online Pharmacy was created. Nobody else can have that email address, if they try to do so, they will need to go like silkroadpharmacy1 2 3 etc. So we still have access to this email address. Anybody can send us email on this address to confirm if we are real silkroad pharmacy.
  • Whois Email | Whois lookup is a service which provides public information about domain name like it’s registrant name, email address etc. Whois details for silkroad-pharmacy.com are still public and anybody can check it’s registrant name and email address while this current name is registered by that same name and email address. Whois details for our current website (www.silkroadpharma.cy) are not public, so we have attached the screenshot at the end of this page that is showing the owner of current silkroad website.
  • Bitcoins Wallet | We also haven’t changed our original bitcoin wallet address for silkroad pharmacy. Blockchain data of a wallet address is always transparent and public. Anyone can see the wallet transactions. It may not be a definite proof if you are new but our old clients can compare that address with their bitcoin transaction history. Bitcoin wallet can be seen on our Payment Info page bottom (screenshot below). Also you can send your order payment to that address without any hesitation and your order will be delivered as normal.

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